Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baga Head Grows Up!

My mom says I'm becoming a big boy! All growed up. Even though my name is Roo, she calls me Rutabaga, and the Baga and then Baga head. I say call me anything you want, just not late for supper :)

My mommy has been teaching my to play this game called 'gility. I like to play, but sometimes when we go play in something called a trial, I get a little stressed and run away. Mommy has been working to build my confidence, but sometimes things are still a little scary.

This weekend I had a big adventure. I went to my favorite placed, in the world, Sugar Bush Farm. ( to spend the night. When we got there it was all nice out and we play 'gility. Mommy was proud because I play with her and run to try friends up in the yard. Heck, they weren't outside anyway- so it didn't matter! After 'gility, I played in the yard with my sister Smudge. Mommy went to teach 'gility class and then it started raining. There were boomers while me and Smudge waited in the car and it was a little scary. Mommy came and took us into the camper, but she forgot to let me out to play with my friends. She said something about not wanting to sleep with wet dogs in the camper, but I wanted to play with my friends! When the boomers stopped, I kept looking out the window for my friends. All. Night. Long. Mommy kept saying, "Go to sleep Roodles" and I tried, but my friends were up above!

Mommy got up early so I could go up and play with my friends early before we went to play 'gility! She's a good mommy. I got to play with my friend Jiff. Mommy calls him Jiffernutter. There was a dog there named Foster who looks just like me! And he likes to herd dogs, just like me. Mommy said was time for 'gility, so me and sister Smudge went to play.

Mommy told her friends she was a little nervous, because she not want me practicing running out of the ring. We got to play a game called Fullhouse. Mommy and I RAN and RAN and RAN. I forgot to do the double, so Mommy put me on the aframe and I did it! We went to the table where I lied down and Mommy said I was AWESOME! I got some meatballs.

Later on we played Standard. I was really, really scared because someone was firing a gun off in the distance. I ran with mommy, but I kept wandering off and listening to the gun shots. I finished my course, but mommy said I did not make course time (whatever that is) but it didnt' matter because I stayed in the ring. I got some meatballs.

Last, I got to play a game called wildcard. Mommy was worried I would still be worried about the gunshots, but I wasn't I wanted to play 'gility. I did all the stuff mommy told me to, but I liked to go in a different end of the tunnel. So I had to do the A frame again. I was awesome and mommy said it was anothe Q, whateve that is. I got another meatball.

Then I got to go to SBF to play with my friends! They was all there and I did something I never did before. I went 'wimming! OK I did it once by mistake when I was just a baby, but this time it was on purpose. I swam out once and then I realized something. I could dive in the water and catch the ball. It was really cool and Auntie Em and mommy were laughing and laughing at me. We slept in the camper again and this time I slept. I told mommy if she let me play with my friends, I would go to bed.

On Sunday, we went back to play 'gility again. My friend Curby was there. He played 'gility too! Mommy and Aunt Ginny were so excited that we were able to play 'gility right after each other and not try to chase each other.

We played standard, where you have to follow the numbers. Mommy was happy again, although I made sure to stay away from that scary yellow part of the aframe. But I ran with her and that makes her happy.

We played Snooker and I did really good, but the judge made a mistake so I got to run again. I did the same things again, but this time I got further and then ran to the table and then I got some more meatballs. Mommy said we got another Q.

Finally we played a really fast game called colors. We had to start with a tunnel, which my mommy never asked me to do before. I did everything she asked, even spent some time visiting the ring crew. I still got a Q. Not only did I get meatballs, but on the way home mommy bought me ice cream. Mommy said I was a very grown dog this weekend!