Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Day

It's been snowing forever here...

Doesn't Smudge look like a mean old lady?

I love to run in the snow!

Silly Bella is laying on the ball so no one can play it with it. Momma says she's hatching it!

Aha! I got Smudge and Spenser to roll me around in the snow. Woo hoo! Snow Angels!!


Momma says we are supposed to get wiped down when we come in. Bella says, she will air dry!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Mollie wants her wrestling buddy Bella to know that she tried the air-drying method on her grandma's sofa yesterday and it didn't go over too well. Humans suck! Great snowy pics!!!

Anonymous said...

So awesome to see Roo thriving! We got a rescue dog from Tennessee this summer named Sookie...a lab/Rhodesian ridgeback mix. She has stranger anxiety, but we love her. So glad Roo is doing so well.....is he going to run trials this Spring?

Roo said...

If all goes according to plan he will be. He's doing great with his agility training! He's very focused on his handler, which is nice. The plan is for him to debut at a local trial in March. If he does OK, he will hit the circuit in April and May!