Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trailing- 6 months later

So Roo has been playing at CPE for almost 6 months now. Getting his confidence, becoming more competent on the obstacles, learning how to play the game.

If only his mother could get better. Check out this one. Why was my arm over my head sending him into the tunnel? What about the second tunnel? Why the heck would I peel off before he was committed? Who do I think I was running? Smudge? Luckily, Roo is an awesome boy and saved his momma. How about that table? At least I trained that right!

Here's his standard run. The boy has a lovely lead out, why do I just release him? He really does get that, I need to trust him! Can't tell from this video, but he did a HUGE "I wanna be superman" leap off the aframe. Still working on traing that, it will get there. Not that you can tell, but his dog walk contact is a 2 on 2 off!
We head for home and he decides the quickest way out is to avoid the obstacles!

Next is Wildcard. We decide to avoid the aframe this time! I was yelled at when I finished my run by my friend, who pointed out I gave Roo no indication a turn was coming with the green tunnel. I guess a shoulder pull is not good enough with a green dog!

We ended this day with mama's favorite game- SNOOKER. My boy did awesome!

On Sunday, we stated with Jumpers. Ha, for the first time ever Roo noticed the judge! Our start was delayed because the dog ahead of us wasn't yet on leash, so I didn't take Roo off leash. When I did, he went to visit the judge, Carol Thom. I apologized to Carol after, and she was great. She said she would happily take him home!

The next two runs were not caught on video, they were colors and standard. Too bad I was a slacker, because his standard run was a thing of beauty.

We finished the day with jackpot. Gotta love a nontraditional. I am thrilled with his first dog walk contact here, where he runs to the end and POUNCES on the contact. He tried the second time, but falls off the plank. Silly boy still doesn't always know where his rear end is.

All in all, I thought he did really well for a baby, scaredy dog :) Now if we can just get those weaves down, and finish training his aframe, he will be completely fantabulous.

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