Monday, November 9, 2009

Jazz trial

Roo had a big weekend at the Jazz trial! He went all by himself, no sister Smudge.
He was awesome!
We started the weekend on Saturday with Standard. For some unknown reason, I moved him up to Level 2. OK, weaves and teeter! Who knew we would have to do the teeter twice???? Well that was just a bit too much for Roo, but he did his best:

The second run of the day was Jackpot. It was nontraditional, but still had a line. We were able to do 2 of the Jackpots!

Next up was Wildcard. Not sure he got his aframe contact, the judge didn't call it!

Finally, we ended the day with Snooker. He did a great job and even did his weaves for the first time ever in competition!

Roo's BBFF (best blue friend forever) Bodie came for a sleepover and like all kids at sleepovers, there was no sleep going on! (My friend, my friend is downstairs!)

Sunday we started with Jumpers. He was SMOKING fast. I made a tacticle error at the tire, I thought for sure I could get in position and call him before he made it out of the tunnel- HA. I turned around and he was already out and over the off course jump. My bad. But boy, he is a pretty jumper.

Next was our WORST run of the day. Except he got his weaves :) I knew as we were coming around the bend towards the aframe I was going to get the tunnel. However, he was really moving and I did not want to check his speed and discourage him (not yet anyway!) So we took that off course. And then Roo took a few more off courses on his own. 5, count em 5, off courses!!! I could not help but laugh. My poor scared dog, who spent the first few months of his career plodding along beside me was off doing obstacles on his own. Can you say confidence?

Eventually we got around to Colors. Roo was not himself, he was almost starting to shadow before his run. In the beginning of the video, you might see me picking up a piece of fur in hopes that is what was distracting him. For whatever reason, this run was more stressful for him. Regardless, we got through it and he Q'd.


moo said...

roo, when i growd up i wanna b a rokstarr just like yu!!


Roo said...

U will be specklehead, but firsts yous got to stop humping me.

Amy said...

Roo, you are totally a rockstar!! You are ~almost~ as fast as me, and you keep the jumps up ~lots~ better!!