Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rut ro

Ahh the glorious age of 5 months! What do we call that? Oh yeah, FEAR PERIOD! Poor Mr. Roo had an upset tummy last night (all the treats he got from everyone who thought he was so cute at the agility match?) and then had many traumatic experiences today. First, we went to our class at Petsmart and a big, scary, white dog barked at him. Then we bought some treats and the lady put them in those scary plastic bag things! They make a very scary noise when they crinkle. Finally, we went out the car to put some of the treats in there AND THERE WAS A FIRETRUCK IN THE PARKING LOT! Lots of scary noises.

He did recover and enjoy his training class, but it's tough being 5 months old.

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