Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Woo hooo! The Roo man actually got to play in Monday night class. He would become distracted by the dogs, but able to be redirected. The foundation work we've been doing is paying off. Of course it was the last class and there were games to play. All the other dogs did much better, since they actually participated in the class for the past 6 weeks. Roo did kick butt in loose leash walking, doing the cones faster than anyone else and with no defaults for a tight leash. So all is not lost.

We also had a minor breakthrough on the car riding as well. The treat n train is awesome, when it works. Sometimes the treats jam up AND sometimes he gets full, since our rate of reinfocement is still pretty high. So, in total frustration Monday night I put him in the front seat, and slipped the seatbelt through his harness so he couldn't get out of the seat. After the first two minutes he settled and laid down for treats. We went for a short ride today and he did well in the front seat, no barking AT ALL! Ok now, anyone got any ideas on how to transition this to riding in the crate? With 4 dogs, they all need to be crated when we take the crew.

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Amy said...

Roo did great! Obviously his momma has been working with him. Or at least, she can claim she has been! I find it's easy to cheat with a clever border collie pup and not practice as much inbetween classes as you should and they still make you look good in class! :~)